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Science, Technology, Engineering & Maths (STEM)


Wonder is the beginning of wisdom– socrates

OIS Pedagogy concentrates on the core subjects with a multidisciplinary approach, meticulously integrating the areas of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics for the holistic development of each student. STEM education at OIS links these disciplines into a cohesive system that gives an understanding of concepts and encourages knowledge application. While an independent focus is given to each of these subjects, the fact that they are further taught in assimilation encourages involvement and imagination and helps them learn how each field is linked and connected in the real world. 

At OIS, STEM education extends beyond academic disciplines; it equips students with expertise that directs their thinking and behaviour. STEM literacy, which combines science, technology, engineering, and math, aids in resolving the problems that the world faces today.
With a focus on practice and innovation, students acquire a lot of knowledge from inquiry-based projects and assignments. STEM education enables our students to make relevant connections across subject areas as they research, innovate, and invent concepts. This learning style ensures immersed engagement and provides wisdom and aptitude to thrive in the ever-changing professional space. Project-based learning and problem-solving help students to form a special mindset. 

Our strong foundation in STEM education provides our students with the scientific temperament and innovative mindset to be next-generation inventors. The goal here is to provide a whole range of experiences and competence that makes students critical & divergent thinkers; who are not only more employable but also entrepreneurial global citizens likely to contribute ideas, offer sustainable solutions, and build systems and technologies that will make an impact in society.