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The Ultimate Tech Challenge


What is the Global Hackathon?

The Hackathon, now in its 4th year, is a cornerstone event aimed at providing students from middle and high schools worldwide with a dynamic platform to explore, engage, and showcase their talents. Beyond mere skill development, participation in the Hackathon nurtures a culture of innovation within our community.

This year, we are excited to announce the return of our Hackathon, building on the success of previous editions. Last year, we transitioned to an online format, broadening accessibility and resulting in sign-ups from participants spanning two continents. This year, we're taking it a step further by adopting a hybrid model, offering both online and in-person participation opportunities at OIS JVLR campus. By embracing a hybrid model, we aim to facilitate enhanced communication and collaboration among participants, fostering a stronger sense of community among tech enthusiasts worldwide. Whether joining us virtually or in person, students will have the opportunity to showcase their talents, collaborate with peers, and make a positive impact on the world through innovation and creativity.

The core objectives of the Hackathon remain unchanged: to inspire students to think creatively, solve problems, and contribute to service by crafting solutions to specific challenges. Moreover, a portion of the prize money generated by the event will be donated to charitable causes, further amplifying the impact of our participants' efforts.



Hackathon Winners 2022-2023


Hackathon Winners 2023-2024

Congratulations to all participants and winners of our Hackathon 2024! We've seen some incredible entries that showcase your critical thinking and problem-solving abilities. Many of you have used open source APIs and ChatGPT APIs to strengthen your final products, which is truly impressive.

Although not everyone can win today, we want to inspire you to continue using the tools at your disposal and nurturing your innovative ideas. Each of you has the potential to make a positive impact and contribute to making the world a better place.

A big round of applause to everyone who participated, and congratulations to our winners!