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Digital Literacy


Digital citizenship is character education in a networked world.

One of the prerequisites of the changing world is the ability to adapt to technological tools and advancements.
At OIS, we are aware that technology is reformative and so are we!The school provides a digital learning environment with tools that can unlock deeper learning and teaching potential, tech infrastructure that empowers our students and faculty with resources and opportunities to move forward. 
Digital literacy at OIS is beyond imparting just 21st-century technological skills. It's about equipping students with the expertise to live, learn, work and succeed in a tech-automated and data-driven world. In a space where technical knowledge is a prerequisite and artificial intelligence is taking over the markets, we share responsibility for educating students to not only adapt but innovate and build technology. 

In our classrooms teaching, learning, communicating, and information acquisition all happen progressively through digital technologies. Leadership at OIS cultivates environments in which students are excited about learning, curiosity is fostered, and learning is a personal experience. 

OIS is an Apple Distinguished School. OIS is the first IB school in Mumbai to have the ADS title which complies with the fact that we are recognized as an innovative school by Apple and are a centre of leadership and educational excellence. The use of Apple products at OIS is to inspire student creativity, collaboration, and critical thinking. 

OIS is very well-resourced when it comes to information technology, and visitors at the school are usually struck by how widely these tech resources are spread throughout the campuses. We are constantly investing in the infrastructure and a galaxy of online resources like TCI online, Safari Montage, Apple iTunes University. We have regularly upgraded our hardware resources, extended the design capabilities for our students to include both digital and product design (using laser cutters, 3-D printers, etc.) and developed the research and professional journal databases available to our students to the standard of top global universities libraries. 

Student agency and the use of technology play a key role in creating a positive tech ecosystem that imbibes the strong values of digital citizenship. We encourage our students to explore their boundaries but we also educate them to respect and recognize them. This approach results in citizens who are smart, creative, and most importantly, digitally responsible.

We also realise the responsibility involved in ensuring student safety on the internet and have a robust mechanism to ensure the privacy and security of students while using technology.