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Our Governing Board

Ms Bindu Oberoi
Board Chair

Welcome to Oberoi International School!

When educating the minds of the youth, we must not forget to educate their hearts’. These wise words by the Dalai Lama resonate with our own core values, and here at OIS we feel responsible for educating both. The education imparted is well-balanced, concept focused and research-based through progressive curricular practices. The learner is at the centre of everything we do and opportunities are created for self-directed learning, and improving skills and understanding. We have a growing community of learners across our two campuses at Goregaon and JVLR. Our vision and mission extends across both and we are ‘One school, two campuses’ with a strong synergy, collaborative leadership and shared best practices. Our commitment to delivering high quality education compels us to grow cautiously and slowly. The restricted intake helps us maintain the highest quality in the services we provide to the students. Our leadership team, teachers, non-teaching, support staff, and parents working together in partnership provide the best resources and opportunities for learning to flourish. I have seen the journey and success of the school both as its founding trustee and a parent. We have improved and evolved since our inception and this is visible in everything we do. Success for me is not only defined by tests, exam results and college placements. Our greatest success are the smiling faces that enter and leave the school premises every day and these will eventually step out into the real world with confidence, with the right skills and knowledge, and compassion in their hearts.