Message from Head of Secondary School

Welcome to the secondary division of the Oberoi International School. The secondary school is a lively, vibrant and dynamic place with over 100 teachers and almost 800 students from grades 6 to 12.

Students are at the centre of every discussion we have, and every decision we make. We want our students to be supported, challenged, and ultimately successful in meeting their full potential.

Inspired learning isn’t neat and tidy. It has students engaged and actively contributing, because they care, because they are intrigued and because the outcome matters. Inspired teaching isn’t filling empty vessels sitting in perfect rows. It is deftly orchestrating the journey towards those ‘light bulb’ moments. It is knowing our students (really knowing them as people and as learners) and giving just the right amount of support, at just the right time. It is providing context, challenge, and knowing when to step in and when to get out of the way.

More than ever before, we know what helps learning, and what doesn’t. The wealth of research is there in front of us, and we need to be courageous & dare to do what’s right, not what is easy or familiar.

An OIS education is way more than academic achievement. It is filled with people who act with integrity, value creativity, look beyond themselves, seek balance, give & expect to receive respect, have a sense of purpose and a sense of humour. We need to send young adults out into the world armed with empathy and optimism. They need to be flexible thinkers, genuine collaborators, and they need to believe that in some way, they can truly make a difference.

Watching students perform in class, at lunch, up on the stage, on the field, in service, on the end of a paintbrush… all of these moments make me feel proud and humbled. It is a privilege to be part of OIS and our student’s growth as they analyse, question, debate, overcome fears, master skills, chase elusive concepts, help a friend, show real grit, amuse, trust and surprise us.

Our work here won’t always be easy, but it will undoubtedly be an exciting, action packed journey. I hope you’ll enjoy it.