Guest Speakers:


Niall De Burca conducted a workshop on "Storytelling as a Tool of Education" using both traditional and original tales plus the ideas which children provided. He ensured a fantastic experience and imbued the audience with the knowledge that they too are storytellers!



Not only is he a brilliant author and illustrator but the combination of the two elements in his talks had the whole audience, adults and children alike, totally enthralled from start to finish. His wit and humour and interaction with his audience served to inspire and motivate not just the children but also the staff.




Tashi and Nungshi Malik, who decided to pursue their dream and decided to climb the highest peaks on each of the seven continents. They inspired our students to climb their own mountains; become artists and singers and writers, not just engineers and medical doctors thus exemplifying our motto - Freedom to Think Empower to be...




YES by Anand Chulani aims to integrate both - the leader and learner. We hosted two 2-day interactive camps where the students engaged in a host of activities that helped them discover their skills, talents and gifts, and empowered them to achieve their future goals and dreams.




Liv Arnesen, the world renowned explorer spoke to Grades 3 to 12 about the educational programme for conserving our water resources. She also narrated incidences of her skiing expedition to Antarctica.




Pete has taken his knowledge of Indian instruments, rhythms and techniques, along with his innate knowledge of Western music and has applied these skills into a unique "world-view" of percussion. It was indeed a once in a lifetime opportunity to have him perform live for us.




Alan November provided tips to use technology sensibly and gave practical solutions which can be applied in the classroom. He challenged us to revisit the myths that surround technology, and empowered us to expand our horizons.



Career Fair:

I WAS JUST LIKE YOU. Hearing these lines from a successful sales and marketing professional, a computer engineer, an entrepreneur, a media personality, a banker and a design expert helped the IBDP students feel like each one of us has a spark to be successful. All of us certainly have apprehensions regarding jobs, careers, success & getting hefty paychecks, as we do not really know what we want to do. After speaking to these esteemed professionals and parents, I understood that it is okay to be undecided, even better to explore and best to chase my passion as mistakes are part of everybody's life. Every person likes to boast of a fancy sounding career as the description on his or her business card and its twang on the ears makes worth for the world because of the gloss associated with it. This career fair showed us the reality behind every occupation and the plethora of jobs in each sector. For instance, our activity with JD Majethia, a producer, required us to list the jobs in the genres of ad films, documentaries, cartoons, etc. & we came up with a list of 128 different things one could do with media! Putting it as a creative person, the short 15 minute interactions were teasers, & these teasers put together could create 100 different films as designers wouldn't survive without good soft skills, HR wouldn't be successful without people who need soft skills, actors are all about good communication and cannot do without sales & marketing, and sales executives cannot function without funding & bankers! This realization further strengthened the notion that no job is too small and this categorization of mainstream jobs into useful and offbeat jobs into unsuccessful is a trend in our generation that needs to be broken. The career fair taught us that our career is a part of life and our life shouldn't be our career. Humor, creativity, passion, individuality & faith in ourselves would lead us to be successful professionals anywhere we go. I went from feeling jobless, clueless, reckless to feeling amazed, motivated, empowered!

- Vijita Kamath, Grade 12 (Class of 2015)