Message from Head of Early Years

Welcome to the Early Years section at OIS! In the Early Years our children spend their day exploring meaningful learning experiences and hands on activities that help them to learn basic skills in a fun and active way. Students actively focus on developing their international mindedness and developing the school core values (Knowledge, Social Responsibility, Respect, Creativity, and Celebration) in themselves. Children are always watching their teachers and parents so we teach these attributes through example as well as through stories, discussions and games.

Language development is also a major focus in the early years. The children are engaged in active dramatic play, songs, rhymes and word play that develop strong language skills. Strong language skills are the foundation of literacy development.

We support students in connecting their learning through concept based teaching. This means that skills are not taught in isolation- everything is connected to a larger concept that helps learning be meaningful and support critical thinking and inquiry.

We help students to develop their skills in a differentiated way as not all students learn everything at the same pace. Learning experiences are designed so that they can be enjoyed by all students and everyone can constantly be engaged and challenged.

We believe in the power of a strong partnership between parents and teachers. We know that you know your children best and that you are a great resource in your child's learning! Strong communication between parents and teachers is essential, so please contact your child's teacher if you have any questions or concerns.

Catherine Arnquist​
Head of Early Years