Student Life for Secondary School

Student life at OIS
At OIS, we are committed to giving opportunities to students for leadership roles and team work. This is achieved by student bodies like the Student Council and Event Committees and gives our students a sense of 'ownership' and identity. Leadership and team work skills are developed through our pastoral program and students participating in residential trips.

Student Council
The Secondary Student Council has a central role in the student life of the school and important forum for discussion and decision making. Each class votes for their councilor and the school as a whole votes for the posts of President and vice-President. All students have the opportunity to be involved by contributing their ideas to their class's representative, who in turn will take these to the meetings for consideration. The Council communicates directly with the teaching faculty allowing staff to have a better awareness of the needs, concerns and ideas of the Student Body

Middle School Events Committee
Middle School events committee is a student leadership opportunity for students to plan, organise and execute events in school. This initiative was started at OIS three years ago and every year, the committee grows and expands to plan student events that recognise student interests and celebrate local as well as international festivals . The funds raised by the committee are contributed to charitable causes such as the Nepal Earthquake relief, local animal shelter and old age homes. The events committee works in close collaboration with the student government- “The student council” and primarily serves as the executive body for students.

Events Committees
There are two events committees-one for Middle School and one for the Upper School. These student led committees are tasked to arrange activities for special days (e.g. Founders' Day or Republic Day) and social events for students. They work closely with the Student Council.

Secondary Trips
The school is committed to experiential education outside the classroom, which is delivered through meaningful and exciting residential trips. The trips undertaken this year were:

Grade Levels Location
6 Pench, India
6-8 Paris (MUN)
7 Kerala, India
8 Rishikesh, India
9 Vietnam
10 Denmark
11 Indonesia