OIS Athletic Program


Oberoi International School believes that a dynamic program of student activities is vital to the educational development of our students. We believe that the athletic program at OIS should reflect and support the school’s mission and core values. Athletics contributes significantly to the total development of every student. OIS serves our students through two distinct, yet mutually supportive programs: The Inter-scholastic Sports Program and the Intramural Sports Program.

Sport is integral to individuals, social and cultural development. At OIS, we model the enduring values of sport: Commitment, good sportsmanship, team work, responsibility, resilience, and healthy competition. We develop these values by learning from our victories, our losses, the day-to-day challenges of practice, and our efforts to find balance between our academic, athletic, and personal lives. As teachers, coaches, and student-athletes, we strive to excel by being clear on our common goals and by being loyal to each other and to our values.

Through the inter-scholastic and intramural programs, we emphasize that participation in athletics is a privilege and we encourage all students to take part. With this privilege go certain responsibilities. We have high expectations for behavior, commitment, academic achievement, and making healthy choices. In conclusion, through the OIS mission and core values our athletic program seeks to support our students as they strive to excel.

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