Extra-curricular Activities

Extra-curricular Activities (ECA)

The ECA program is designed to provide our students with an opportunity to have enriching experiences beyond the normal school day. The primary goal of ECAs is for students to have fun while learning important life skills and developing mastery of certain skills. The program is not competitively driven, but instead, is focused on exposing students to new experiences and enriching their lives. ECAs will allow students to try new experiences or participate in areas they are already passionate about. Each ECA aims to be student centered and to maximize student participation in the activity.

Internal vs. External ECAs:
ECAs are activities run either by our school’s teachers or outside agencies. ECAs provided by our faculty and staff are called Internal ECAs and those provided by outside agencies are referred to as External ECAs.
To facilitate communication between parents & providers, by default parent email addresses are shared with the providers of the ECAs which your child has chosen. Parents are advised to enroll their children only if they permit us to share their email with the vendor.

We do our best to vet outside providers, but cannot guarantee that the services they provide are of the highest quality or value. Please read carefully to note the fees charged, the schedule and the resources which may not be included as a part of the fee. These details will be included in the course description which will be mailed via school announcements.

There will be no trial period. Therefore if the student discontinues after the activities have begun we will not be able to refund the fee. If parents are not sure about an ECA, we suggest you opt for the one which you are confident about.

Schedule and Times:
In semester I ECAs are run from first week of September until mid-December, and in semester 2 from mid-January to mid-May tentatively. Each ECA is scheduled to meet once a week at its assigned time. ECA sessions cancelled due to an illness or holidays, will not be made up.

ECAs run from 3:00 p.m. - 4:10 p.m. on weekdays. ECAs will not run on days the school is not open for students (including holidays and half days).

For students who normally ride the bus home from school, buses will leave after ECAs by 4:30 p.m.

Student Dress:
Unless otherwise indicated by the ECA instructor, the school’s PE uniform must be worn at all times for sporting ECAs. ECAs such as Judo, Taekwondo and Ballet require a specialized dress which will have to be purchased separately. Appropriate footwear and equipment must also be used, and students failing to wear or bring the correct uniform and equipment will not be allowed to participate in that particular session. The normal school uniform is to be worn for all other ECAs.

Music instruments (e.g. guitar) needed for an ECA will have to be brought by the student.

Student Behavior and Attendance:
All school rules and procedures apply during ECA sessions. Students who skip ECAs, behave improperly, or break school rules during ECAs are subject to the normal school disciplinary procedures.

Maximum Number of ECAs:
SKG students may sign up for a maximum of one ECA, while all other students are permitted to sign up for a maximum of three ECA sessions during each semester. Please note that if an ECA meets on two days during the week it counts as two separate sessions.

Students on the athletic team or those who intend to try-out for a team should ensure that their practice schedules do not clash with the ECAs which they choose.

The reason for these maximum numbers is that ECA spaces are limited and on a first come-first-served-basis, and OIS wants every student to have a chance to take the ECA of their choice. Unfortunately, even with this limitation, students may not be able to enter the ECA of their choice.

1. Go to www.oberoi.myschoolone.com
2. Click tab: Parents
3. Username:  Your email address registered with the school (the email address on which you receive the school announcements).
4. Password: 12345 (unless you have changed it previously)
5. Click tab: ECA. You would be redirected to the ECA portal where you will be able to view the details related to the ECA program for that semester.
6.  Activities that you may wish to opt for will categorized as given below:
- Be Creative
- Be Active
- Be Healthy
- Be Curious
- Be Safe

7.  You will be able to register only on those activities which have vacancies.
After a particular date which will be conveyed via the School Announcements email, your selection will be locked and an email with the total fee due will be sent.

Please note that cancellation of even one of the chosen activities, or deduction in amount emailed to you will lead to cancellation of all your choices.

The fees for internal ECAs are INR 2,000 per ECA per semester (inclusive of taxes), except for community service ECAs and the Secondary Musical ECA, which are free. The fees associated with external ECAs are set by the providers and include service tax already. All fees for ECA must be paid at school prior to a child being able to attend an ECA.

Teachers will take attendance at the beginning of each session, and only students on the attendance lists will be able to participate.

Fee payments may be made by cheques or bank draft, and should be made out to “Oberoi Foundation-ECA.

On the days of fees submission there will be a drop-box set up in the lobby near the bus desk where cheques can be dropped. Please be sure to include your child’s name, grade and the ECAs you are enrolling them in on the back of the cheque. Please do not send cheques to school with your child if there is a chance that they will lose it. For bank details to transfer the fee electronically, please write to eca@oberoi-is.org

All payments are final and nonrefundable. In the event that we are unable to run an ECA because we have not met with the minimum registration those parents would be informed and the refunds will be processed automatically.

ECAs in Semester 2:

All ECAs will require re-registration in semester 2. Signing for semester 1 does not automatically guarantee a spot for semester 2. While the school will endeavor to run all ECAs in semester 2 there is no guarantee that all ECAs in semester 1 will run in semester 2.